Spencer Butte is a prominent landmark in Lane County, Oregon, United States, on the southern edge of Eugene.
– Elevation of 2,055 feet (626 m)
– World Map Coordinates: 43.98361°N 123.09667°W
– Base of the Butte is aprox. 1,300 feet above sea level.
– Spencer Butte hikes are part of the Ridgeline Trail System
– Starting from Main Trail it is only around a 700 foot climb over 1.08 miles.
– Starting from West Route it is 700 feet over 0.6 miles.
– The butte is the tallest point visible when looking south from downtown Eugene.
– Spencer Butte is accessible from Spencer Butte Park and has several hiking trails to the summit.
– Tree cover on the butte is predominantly Douglas-fir, however the butte is treeless at its summit.
– Leaves of Three Let It Be. There is Poison oak throughout all of the hiking trails, even at the summit there are tall plants. Beware of the them!

Poison Oak

Poison Oak PlantPoison Oak Flowers
Poison Oak RashPoison Oak Rash

Douglas Fir

Douglas FirDouglas Fir Cone